Welcome to Southland College!

Few responsibilities could be more significant for an organization than preparing students to pursue academic, career, and personal goals. Few decisions are as life-transforming for a student than to commit to a path of study and learning to realize such goals.

For Pre-school and Basic Education students those goals may be simply forging learning habits that will help make future academic journeys easier. For High School and College students those goals should be focused on learning new skills and knowledge that will give them a competitive advantage when they become a professional in their chosen career path.

No matter your academic goal, Southland College can help you succeed.

Our young but thriving school has achieved many great things since its inception in 2009 thanks to the knowledge and diverse capability of our administration, our hard working and dedicated staff, and our enthusiastic and qualified faculty.

Of course none of this would be possible at all without the generosity and wisdom of my late father, Dr. Anecito D. Villaluz, Jr., CPA. It is his vision that inspired many to help build Southland to what it is today. It is that vision that keeps us focused on what Southland can become.

I am pleased to welcome you to the Southland family, and I wish you well as you follow your educational goals.

God Bless,
Juan Antonio Villaluz
President, Southland College